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We are a family owned and operated business specializing in hand-made custom lures, silicone skirts, skirted umbrellas, tandems, popping corks, 6" and 9" custom shad bodies, and bomber trolling spoons.

Mike is a Veteran of the US Navy and Julie is a Special Education Teacher. Mike has been fishing for his entire life, and Julie has been fishing since the day they met in 1988.  We have been married since 1989,  and have 2 grown sons. 

Hard Head Custom Baits was established in early 2014. We desired to create a quality, custom lure that was unique and attractive! Since then we have expanded and now carry a line of Big Baits, Bugs, Shad Heads w/Skirts, Shad Head, Skirted Umrellas, Skirted Umbrellas in a Bag, a full line of replacement skirts, custom 6" and 9" shad bodies, 8" Twister Tails, Bomber Trolling Spoons, cobia baits, popping corks, tandems, and off-shore baits!

It is our personal goal to provide a quality product, excellent customer service, and to support Veteran's organizations through donations. Thank you for visiting our store!

For Questions or Comments email us at hardheadcustombaits@gmail.com